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Painting Contractor Minnetonka, MN – Painting often starts out like a fun idea and then ends up being a nightmare if you do not have someone to help you that knows what they are doing.

You may have found that tracking down a good painter is a real pain. These days, it seems like everyone thinks they are a painter. Just because someone goes to the local hardware store and buys a couple of paintbrushes and buckets of paint does not mean that they are a qualified professional. You can really end up regretting hiring the wrong painter. Painting is as much of an art as it is a science. There are many factors to pay attention to during any paint job that can really distinguish between and professional and an amateur job. Of course, we here at DC Pro Painting feel that you will be much happier with a professional job.

Interior Painter Minnetonka

Having clean surfaces and proper tools can produce a better finish on your interior and exterior walls. Applying even coats is also very important to overall paint job quality. Unfortunately, you will not always notice uneven areas until the paint dries. Often, amateur painters will skimp on the number of coats because it takes less time and uses less paint. DC Pro Painting does not take any shortcuts. We always use the right amount of paint to get the smoothest and best-looking paint job possible. Different kinds of finishes and color matching are also important issues to consider.

Exterior Painter Minnetonka

You can always find many alternatives online for someone in the Minnetonka, MN area to come and paint your house. Some painters really care and some do not. If you are looking for a quality painter that you can trust, DC Pro Painting is the company for you. We care about customer service and all of the homes that we work on. DC Pro Painting will not let you down.

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